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Loud Love

Ino, Kiba & Sakura

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Loud Love -- Ino, Kiba and Sakura

This is a Naruto fan community for those who support Kiba, Sakura and Ino in any kind of relationship with one another. This means there might be yuri, with InoSaku, or het with KibaIno or KibaSaku, or even a threesome or love triangle with the three of them. If there is a problem with that, dont join.

Stories from ratings G to NC-17 are accepted, though warnings should be given on the content of the story.

Posting should be as such:

Approx. word count:

Other would be whatever else you want to say on the story. If it is a fanart post, feel free to take out the 'word count'.

When introducing yourself, have the name you'd like to go by, what you like about the pairings on here (and which ones you like), how you got to the comm, and what you have to offer. Anything else you want to say, of course, can be said.


If you'd like to affiliate with the comm, then contact me.
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Or just drop a note by my LJ page. <3